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What a dumbos

Fujirock Festival 2013, July 26


I originally reblogged this off of Tumblr user “mycrazywebsite”, and the reason why I’m reblogging it again is because I’ve just remembered that I have actually heard of this show before, and it’s actually a bit different to how whichever one of the Mael brothers describe it in that accompanying scan, funny as their flippant dismissal is…

The Oblongs weren’t actually rectangular shaped, they were humanoid mutants created by toxic waste who were a family with the surname “Oblong”. That name came from the illustrator Angus Oblong, whose picture book “Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children” inspired the series. The fact that the song appears to describe a group of rectangular creatures suggests a breakdown in communication somewhere between the show’s producers and Sparks which may have led to the theme’s rejection.

Also, the show did get beyond pilot stage, but only managed a single series of 13 episodes (a small number in US TV terms), initially airing on The WB (a now-defunct TV network run by Warner Bros.) and getting cancelled halfway through the run. Adult Swim then stepped in, showing the remaining unaired episodes and repeating the entire series.

Despite some mooted plans for “The Oblongs” to continue on Adult Swim (which was the case for “Home Movies”, another cancelled show from another network that Adult Swim picked up), nothing happened, and those 13 episodes were all anyone got.


That Looks Great on You

I have read Mai several times. What kind of scene is this song? What role does Ron play?


Sparks - Music You Can Dance To (France)

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Johnny Marr, June 2014

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[Official Press Release]

Johnny’s second solo album 'Playland' (a title inspired by Johan Huizinga’s 'Homo Ludens') will be released on October 6th on vinyl, CD, and digitally.

Track listing:

  1. Back In The Box
  2. Easy Money
  3. Dynamo
  4. Candidate
  5. 25 Hours
  6. The Trap
  7. Playland
  8. Speak Out Reach Out
  9. Boys Get Straight
  10. This Tension
  11. Little King


Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch!


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Mai, The Psychic Girl

The Dream
The Patchwork Symphony (The Wake-Up)
The Matchmakers
The Date
Wagner Metal
Bigger Than Me, Bigger Than You
The Wisdom Alliance
The Tribal Theme
Grandmother’s Theme
A Glimpse Of Mother
Up From A Dream
What Was That?
Too Bad
The Melancholy Patchwork Symphony
She Used To Be One Of Us
The Chosen Ones (Part 1: The Wisdom Alliance Tour)
That Looks Great On You
The Chosen Ones (Part 2: Turm/Mai Battle)


The Dynamic Duo.